The Daily Shot Brief – January 17th, 2023



The United States: The U. Michigan’s 1-year consumer inflation expectations declined further, but longer-term inflation projections edged up.

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Source: The Daily Shot


The fiscal and financial conditions drag on growth will ease this year.

Source: Goldman Sachs


The Eurozone: For the first time in a year, economists upgraded the Eurozone GDP forecast as the energy crisis eases.

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Energy: European natural gas prices continue to tumble amid elevated inventories.

Source: Macrobond


China: Elevated savings could generate a spending boom this year.

Source: Citi Private Bank


Credit: It’s been a good few days for European corporate bond sales.

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Commodities: Iron ore futures declined as Beijing cracks down on rising prices.

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Food for Thought: Lastly, here are the deadliest places for journalists:

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