The Daily Shot Brief – January 16th, 2018



The United States: Are investors ignoring the rising odds of the federal government shutdown this week? The probability in the betting markets is still below 30% but climbing.



Credit: 2017 was a good year for investment-grade bond fund inflows.

Source: Credit Suisse


China: The Chinese renminbi is advancing against the dollar (strongest in two years)

Source: The Daily Shot


Bitcoin: Bitcoin remains range-bound.

Source: The Daily Shot


Equity Markets: The rotation out of active equity mutual funds continued in 2017.

Source: Credit Suisse


Canada: The BoC continues its attempts to rein in the housing market.

Source: Matthieu Arseneau, Economics and Strategy Group, National Bank of Canada


Emerging Markets: The end of NAFTA could be devastating for Mexico’s economy

Source: Oren Klachkin, Oxford Economics


Global Developments: The chart below has the government debt and the fiscal deficits as a percentage of the GDP.

Source: Matthieu Arseneau, Economics and Strategy Group, National Bank of Canada


Food for Thought: What do Americans see as the country’s top problem?

Source: @GallupNews; Read full article



Edited by Joseph N Cohen

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