The Daily Shot Brief – January 15th, 2020



The United States: According to Steven Mnuchin, troubles at Boeing will shave off 0.5% from the 2020 GDP growth. While the Boeing situation is indeed troubling (charts below), it is highly unlikely that the company will have that much of an impact on the economy. But it does create a convenient explanation for slower growth in 2020.

Source: Reuters; Read full article


The United Kingdom: The probability of a BoE rate cut jumped after Carney’s speech.

Source: @financialtimes; Read full article


Asia-Pacific: The correlation of F/X reserves with currency moves is an indicator of currency intervention activity (or what some would call “manipulation”).

Source: Gavekal


Energy: OPEC’s spare capacity is low, and any rebound in demand could challenge supply-side constraints. Moreover, there’s always the risk of an unplanned outage to nudge the oil market, according to BCA Research.

Source: BCA Research


Credit: Energy firms are taking advantage of historically low debt yields.

Source: @WSJ; Read full article


Food for Thought: Audio vs. ebooks:

Source: @financialtimes; Read full article

Edited by Devon Lall

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