The Daily Shot Brief – January 14th, 2022





United States: US state and local tax receipts have been going to benefit payments rather than investment.

Source: TS Lombard


Asia-Pacific: Australia’s housing credit growth remains exceptionally strong.

Source: ANZ Research


Home prices continue to climb.

Source: PGM Global


China: Country Garden is an investment-grade builder in China. Even some companies that are not excessively leveraged are spooking investors. Country Garden’s share price and bonds are tumbling.

Source: Daily Shot
Source: Bloomberg


Equities: Retail investors have been plowing a great deal of money into the markets in recent days. But remarkably, in addition to the broad index ETFs, they’ve been buying value sector ETFs (according to JP Morgan Research). So this rotation is not limited to institutions.

Source: JP Morgan Research; @themarketear


Global Developments: Port blockages appear to have peaked.

Source: Commerzbank Research


Food for Thought: Mobile apps spending and downloads:

Source: BURGA Read full article

Edited by Devon Lall

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