The Daily Shot Brief – January 10th, 2023



The United States: Total consumer credit is now above the pre-COVID trend.

Source: The Daily Shot


In the labor market, job gains have been the highest in sectors that experienced the biggest COVID-shock losses.

Source: Deutsche Bank Research


Equities: US shares with higher international sales have been outperforming as the dollar weakens and China reopens.

Source: The Daily Shot


Credit: The largest HY ETF saw a hefty capital inflow last week.

Source: The Daily Shot


Emerging Markets: EM stocks are officially in a bull market.

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Japan: The 10yr JGB is once again testing the BoJ’s resolve, with some trades taking place above the 0.5% cap.

Source: The Daily Shot


Global Developments: Hedge funds are boosting their bets against the dollar.

Source: @Ruth_Liew10, @markets  Read full article


Food for Thought: Lastly, here are cold and flu medicine preferences:

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Edited by William Villacis

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