The Daily Shot Brief – February 8th, 2021



United States: Typically, Treasury yields decline in response to a soft jobs report, but that wasn’t the case on Friday. Weakness in the labor market raises the odds of massive fresh stimulus and more debt issuance.

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The yield curve continues to steepen.

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Europe: How long before Europe hits herd immunity at the current vaccination pace?

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Energy: Brent futures are testing $60/bbl.

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Equities: Retail demand for call options has been keeping the Nasdaq 100 implied vol elevated.

Source: TS Lombard

Options activity in the most shorted stocks increased substantially last month, …

Source: SPDR Americas Research, @mattbartolini

… which drove the outperformance of the most shorted names.

Source: Deutsche Bank Research


Credit: US junk bond yields are hitting record lows.

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Food For Thought: Views on Marjorie Taylor Greene, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Liz Cheney:

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