The Daily Shot Brief – February 3rd, 2021



United States: What are the differences between the Gang of 10 and Biden’s stimulus plans?

 Dollar allocations:

Source: The Washington Post


 Impact on incomes:

Source: @ernietedeschi


China: As we saw in the official report, China’s service sector growth lost momentum last month.

Source: IHS Markit


Commodities: The largest silver ETF tumbled on Tuesday as the Reddit (retail) trade soured.

Source: Daily Shot


Shortages are creating a squeeze in tin markets as the curve hits massive backwardation.

Source: @business Read full article


Equities: Investors are still buying call options on the “fabulous five.”

Source: TS Lombard


According to JP Morgan, “The balance of risks is for this retail impulse [options buying] to slow rather than accelerate further from here, potentially weakening one important support for the equity market.”

Source: JP Morgan, @tracyalloway


Global Developments: The next set of charts shows the impact of higher interest rates on debt-servicing costs.

Source: @bbgvisualdata Read full article


Food For Thought: Attitudes towards Super Bowl ads:

Source: polici

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