The Daily Shot Brief – February 28th, 2023



The United States: The median new home price is now down on a year-over-year basis.

Source: Wells Fargo Securities


Europe: Switzerland’s central bank continues to remove liquidity from the financial system.

Source: The Daily Shot


Japan: The BoJ has been helping banks finance JGB purchases. Still, the 10-year yield is holding at the 50bp cap.

Source: Simon White, Bloomberg Markets Live Blog 


China:  Mobility indicators have surged.

Source: @Macromadness2


Equities: Companies known for buying back their shares have been outperforming.

Source: The Daily Shot


Commodities: The cobalt bubble has popped.

Source: The Daily Shot
Source: The Economist  Read full article


Food for Thought: How accurate is AI in answering medical questions?

Source: Ground Truths  Read full article

Edited by William Villacis

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