The Daily Shot Brief – February 1st, 2023



The United States: US employment cost index falls for the third quarter.

Source: The Daily Shot


 The 1-year US sovereign credit default swap spread signals market fears similar to 2011. The market expects the government to take the debt ceiling fight to the brink.

Source: Bloomberg


Canada: Economic growth slowed in November but remained in positive territory.

Source: The Daily Shot


China:The manufacturing PMI data from S&P Global was less upbeat than the official report. Factory activity remains in contraction mode.

Source: The Daily Shot


United Kingdom: Mortgage approvals in the United Kingdom fall significantly.

Source: The Daily Shot


Commodities: Coffee futures are rebounding.

Source: The Daily Shot


Equities: Small caps have been outperforming.

Source: The Daily Shot


Food for Thought: Who lost money on crypto?

Source: Lending Tree


Edited by Josh  Oldmixon

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