The Daily Shot Brief – February 12th, 2021



Equities: The most liquid US ETFs (SPY, QQQ, and IWM) have been gapping up at the open more frequently than ever before.

Source: @sentimentrader


Credit: Foreign banks have been tapping the US commercial paper market. Unlike their US counterparts, foreign banks typically don’t have access to US dollar deposits. Given the massive spike in money-market fund AUM last year, there is plenty of demand for short-term paper.

Source: FRED


Cryptocurrency: Crypto investors continue to enjoy a streak of positive news.

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Bitcoin is pushing toward $50k.

Source: Daily Shot


United Kingdom: Amsterdam has overtaken London as Europe’s largest share trading center.

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Credit: The average implied volatility across commodities rose over the past few months, while credit volatility continued to sink.

Source: Arbor Research & Trading


Food For Thought: Ph.D. percentages by country:

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