The Daily Shot Brief – February 10th, 2021



China: Consumer inflation indicators are in negative territory.

 Headline CPI:

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Some of the core CPI weakness was due to a decline in transportation costs, as Bejing asks everyone not to travel over the holidays. The spikes in this index are due to the Lunar New Year timing.

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With these trends likely to be transient, the CPI report is unlikely to sway the PBoC for now.


Asia-Pacific: South Korea’s unemployment rate hit a two-decade high.

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Japan: Foreigners have been buying Japan’s T-bills and selling bonds.

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Eurozone: Mario Draghi appears to be gathering broad-based support to form a new government.

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Rates: Agency (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, etc.) purchases/guarantees of mortgage loans were massive last year.

Source: AEI Housing Center


Food For Thought: US divorce rates:

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