The Daily Shot Brief – December 22nd, 2021



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Energy: The European energy crisis continues to worsen as temperatures fall and Russia shuts off flows of natural gas.

Source: Bloomberg


Natural gas prices have gone vertical, jumping by over 20% in one day.

Source: Daily Shot


Europe competes with Asia for LNG, and it recently became more profitable for exporters to sell into Europe.

Source: World Oil Read full article


Equities: Long-duration (growth) stocks’ relative performance is highly sensitive to rates.

Source: @TimmerFidelity, @Fidelity


On the other hand, “reopening” stocks have moved in tandem with the 10-year Treasury yield over the past year (relative to COVID “winners”).

Source: BCA Research


Credit: New-issue green bonds have been priced tighter than the overall market amid rising demand.

Source: BofA Global Research; @MikeZaccardi


China: Hong Kong voter turnout tanked this year.

Source: Statista


United States: Supply bottlenecks are starting to ease, which could reduce inflationary pressures.

Source: Alpine Macro


Will we finally see a rebound in the inventories-to-sales ratio?

Source: Wells Fargo Securities


Food for Thought: Disappearing swing seats in the House of Representatives:

Source: Mehlman Castagnetti Rosen & Thomas Read full article

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