The Daily Shot Brief – December 20th, 2021



Administrative Update: The Daily Shot Brief will not be published the week of December 27th.


Equities: Last week, the Federal Reserve confirmed that it will be rapidly removing monetary stimulus next year. Now the fiscal spigot is getting shut off as well.

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Stock futures are heavy this morning.

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Credit: Real estate spreads are still attractive relative to corporate credit.

Source: J.P. Morgan Asset Management


Commodities: Fitch expects lower commodity prices in 2022 due to rising supply and fading demand growth.

Source: Fitch Solutions Macro Research


Energy: The spread between US natural gas and global LNG prices has blown out.

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Emerging Markets: The Turkish lira continues to plummet. Inflation will hit new highs, putting pressure on Erdogan’s government.

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Dollar bond yields have been climbing.

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Food for Thought: Inflation-adjusted minimum wage in the US:

Source: Morgan Stanley Research

Edited by Daniel Moskovits

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