The Daily Shot Brief – December 13th, 2021



United States: Traders were concerned about another upside inflation surprise, but the November CPI report was roughly in line with expectations. That’s why stocks and bonds rallied despite a multi-decade high CPI print.

Source: The Daily Shot

Here’s the breakdown of goods vs. services:

Source: Scotiabank Economics


China: The renminbi has diverged from equity prices.

Source: BCA Research


Emerging Markets: The Turkish lira resumed its descent, breaching 14 to the dollar.

Source: The Daily Shot

Separately, increased lending in Turkey isn’t generating higher deposits. Something is off.

Source: @RobinBrooksIIF, @UgrasUlkuIIF


Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin investment products saw inflows totaling $145 million last week, although the recent crypto sell-off triggered $42 million in outflows during the latter half of the week.

Source: CoinShares


Equities: The valuation gap between US stocks and the rest of the world continues to widen.

Source: Yardeni Research


Food for Thought: Warmer oceans:


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