The Daily Shot Brief – August 12th, 2020

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Lev Borodovsky
Editor, The Daily Shot


United States: With pandemic aid on hold, economists are concerned about the looming income cliff.

Source: @FiveThirtyEight Read full article


Missed rent and mortgage payments continued into August.

Source: @citylab Read full article


Eurozone: Some Eurozone banks have substantial exposure to Turkey.

Source: @WSJ Read full article


Equities: US equities tend to struggle three months prior to a presidential election.

Source: Oxford Economics


Rates: Foreigners tend to boost their Treasury holdings when the dollar weakens.



Also, here is Deutsche bank’s forecast for the Fed’s balance sheet.

Source: Deutsche Bank Research


Global Developments: Finally, this chart shows global equity ETF flows.

Source: @ISABELNET_SA, @jpmorgan


Food For Thought: Sales of hard seltzer:

Source: @axios Read full article

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