The Daily Shot Brief – April 7th, 2021



United States: As the pandemic eases, businesses will need to boost wages to attract and retain staff.

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Tight labor markets may drive wage inflation.

Source: Martin Enlund and Andreas Steno Larsen, Nordea Markets


Higher commodity prices are unlikely to create a sustained increase in inflation. But persistent wage gains could.


Emerging Markets: India’s central bank left rates unchanged as the COVID situation worsens.

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Will Argentina default on its IMF debt?

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Cryptocurrency: An activist family office wants Grayscale to fix the widening discount to NAV.

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Source: Bloomberg


China has launched its digital currency, giving Beijing additional control over consumers and commerce. Will the digital yuan become popular in countries outside of China?

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Equities: How much could corporate taxes rise (2 charts)?

Source: @LizAnnSonders, @TaxFoundation
Source: @jeffsparshott


What would be the impact of tax hikes on earnings?

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Global Developments: Global international debt is mostly in US dollars.

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Food For Thought: The history of the English language:

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