The Daily Shot Brief – April 6th, 2021



United States: The ISM Services PMI surged in March, hitting a record high.

Source: Daily Shot


Here is the attribution.

Source: Oxford Economics


Canada: The BOC’s ownership of shorter-maturity bonds is approaching 50% of outstanding.

Source: J B, Goldman Sachs


Emerging Markets: New COVID cases in India hit a record high.

Source: Daily Shot


Nonetheless, factory growth held up well last month.

Source: IHS Markit


Some EM nations owe China quite a bit of money.

Source: @davidmihalyi, @WorldBank


Commodities: The decline in Chinese cyclical versus defensive stocks points to a top in commodity prices …

Source: BCA Research


… and a declining broad money impulse doesn’t help.

Source: BCA Research


Energy: Crude oil sold off on Monday amid rising OPEC+ production.



Here is Iran’s oil output who added to the downward pressure.

Source: Bloomberg


Food For Thought: Views on MLB’s decision to relocate the All-Star game:

Source: @MorningConsult, @AlexMSilverman Read full article

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