The Daily Shot Brief – April 28th, 2021



United States: Restaurants are struggling to find workers as visits rebound.

Source: Placer Labs


Restaurant wages are going up.

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United Kingdom: Retail sales jumped this month, according to CBI.

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Source: Daily Shot


China: Investors remain concerned about Huarong’s debt.

Source: Bloomberg
Source: Fitch Ratings Read full article


Will other funds benefit from a regulatory cap on Yu’e Bao (the largest money market fund)?

Source: @financialtimes Read full article
Source: Fitch Ratings


Emerging Markets: Credit growth has been slowing across EM Asia economies.

Source: ANZ Research


Rates: Flows into inflation-linked Treasuries remain robust.

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Food For Thought: US proposed tax increases:

Source: Truist Advisory Services

Edited by Devon Lall

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