The Daily Shot Brief – April 27th, 2021



United States: Consumers are concerned about inflation. Will it impact spending?

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Asia-Pacific: The BoJ downgraded its inflation forecasts, suggesting that the accommodation will stay in place for some time to come.

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Here is Bloomberg’s take on the BoJ Monetary Policy Board.

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China: The credit impulse indicator has turned negative, which suggests slower economic growth ahead.

Source: Alpine Macro


Emerging Markets: Peru’s assets are under pressure.

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 The Peruvian sol:

Source: Daily Shot


 The 5yr bond yield:

Source: Bloomberg


Equities: BofA’s private client equity allocations hit a record high.

Source: BofA Global Research


Here are the private clients’ ETF flows over the past four weeks.

Source: BofA Global Research


Food For Thought: Watching sports:

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Edited by Devon Lall

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