The Daily Shot Brief – April 1st, 2021



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United States: The Chicago PMI index surprised to the upside, suggesting that manufacturing activity at the national level (ISM) will show further gains.

Source: The Daily Shot

Here is the ISM index versus the regional Fed surveys.

Source: Scotiabank Economics


United Kingdom: Market-based inflation expectations are climbing.

Source: The Daily Shot


Eurozone: Is the euro fundamentally cheap?

Source: BCA Research


Equities: The Nasdaq 100 sharply underperformed the Dow in the first quarter.

Source: The Daily Shot


Rates: It was a tough quarter for Treasuries.

Source: @johnauthers, @bopinion Read full article

Below is the attribution for the month-to-date and year-to-date Treasury yield changes.

Source: The Daily Shot


Food For Thought: US life expectancy:

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