The Daily Shot Brief – April 16th, 2021



Rates: The unexpected Treasury rally this week set the tone for global markets.

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Japanese and other international fixed-income investors, who were net sellers earlier this year, are back in the Treasury market. US debt hedged into yen remains relatively attractive.

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Equities: Despite strong Q1 results (due to trading) …

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… bank shares underperformed as yields declined.

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Emerging Markets: Ukraine hiked rates by 100bps (the market expected 50bps) amid concerns about capital outflows due to the Russian threat.

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China: The Huarong situation is spooking bond investors.

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Europe: Coming from a low base, Europe’s economic surprise index is higher than the US, Japan, and China.

Source: Scotiabank Economics


Food For Thought: Age of cars and trucks in the US:

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Edited by Devon Lall

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