The Daily Shot Brief – April 10th, 2018




The United States: Is the trade deficit with China lower than it appears? The charts below show what happens when services, trade with Hong Kong, and the value-add import adjustments are incorporated.

Source: Mark Doms, Nomura Securities


Equity Markets: We continue to see investor sentiment souring rapidly.

Source: Piper Jaffray

Here is the retail investor sentiment index from TD Ameritrade. This “return to reality” is quite positive for the market.

Source: TD Ameritrade


Credit: High-yield ETFs saw record outflows in the first quarter.

Source: @EricBalchunas


China: The country’s smartphone sales are slowing.

Source:, h/t Paul Menestrier; Read full article


Eurozone: The European sector PMI report shows a broad slowdown.

Source: IHS Markit; Read full article


Commodities: This chart shows the top US agricultural export destinations over time.

Source: Moody’s Investors Service


Rates: The US “soft-data” economic surprise index suggests that Treasury yields should be lower.

Source: Piper Jaffray


Food for Thought: Gasoline taxes by state.

Source: @howmuch_net ; Read full article



Edited by Joseph N Cohen

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